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पीएमओ ने रक्षा मंत्रालय को भी ठेंगा दिखाया नेहरु परिवार, तब और अब कुशवाहा की जान लेना चाहते थे नीतीश ? चंद्रशेखर का जुमला भी ले उड़े मोदी !
Netas Of UP Set To Be IT Savvy


Vibha Tripathi

Lucknow September. Technology is catching up in BIMARU (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh) state of UP. Netas of UP, much maligned for the caste based politics and statues and memorials, will be imparted training for operating the computers.


UP government with financial assistance from the Centre has planned for a brief 'crash course' to all politicians, cutting across party lines, and bureaucrats to train them in managing their affairs with the help of computers.


The crash course, to be started from the first week of October next will see all the state ministers, MPs (both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) and legislators going to Hyderabad to receive the three day training programme to be imparted by experts under the aegis of National Institute for Smart Government.


All the senior bureaucrats of the state starting from Chief Secretary to the lower district level officials would also be given similar training under the programme.


Principal Secretary (IT and Electronic) Chandra Prakash said here that such training programme was an unique one for state like UP. '' It will certainly help the politicians and the bureaucracy to get aware of the need for knowledge of IT in the development of the state and even involved in their day to day work'', he said.


In the first phase the ministers of the Mayawati ministry along with Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members of the state would be get the training at Hyderabad. Later all the MLAs and MLCs along with the senior bureaucrats would be sent for the crash course.


'' Around a total of 800 politicians of the state would be imparted the training along with over 1200 bureaucrats starting from October next'', the official of the IT department said.


He said that in the last phase, the government would also impart such training to the field level staff so that the benefit of the IT reaches at the grass root level.


A decade ago the then BJP chief minister Ram Prakash Gupta, in 1999, had announced that MLAs could purchase the laptop computers from the Vidhayak NIdhi (MLA Fund). On the patterns of MP Local Area Development fund, each MLA of UP get Rs 2 crore  for spending the amount on development projects in his/her constituency.


For promoting the Information Technology in governance, UP government has also decided to set up a ' call centre' in the state to attend complaints of the common people against any government sponsored schemes.


The '' Call Centre'' to be set up in the state capital, will serve several purposes for the government to check the irregularities besides to have a direct interaction with the masses. Chandra Prakash said that the Call Centre would be set up soon where people can also seek any assistance on their problems. These call centers will transfer the complaints to the respective departments for the redressal of the grievances.

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